Ritual House ladies attend the Hustle Hard Retreat


In the heart of Old Town Portland, you’ll find The Commune–a bright, inviting, collaborative space for cannabis gatherings of all kinds.

The Commune houses the Initiative, a business boot camp and funding resource for women navigating the rapidly changing world of cannabis. Founded on the belief that the cannabis industry should be inclusive, progressive, and gender balanced, the Initiative has become a vital tool for female cannabis leaders. We love any opportunity to meet more inspiring people making waves in the cannabis industry, and thanks to The Initiative and their work to support female founded cannabis businesses, we got to do just that.

The Brasada Ranch

Nestled in the beautiful desert landscape near Bend, OR, the Brasada Ranch provided the perfect backdrop to re-energize and connect with fellow female innovators in the industry. Mornings were invigorating, beginning with a revitalizing yoga session and transitioning to a hearty breakfast. Then we really got down to business.

Our days were packed full of collaborative sessions that left us feeling jazzed and inspired. From sessions on finding and perfectly pitching investors, all the way to communicating your brand message, we learned a lot. We discussed the intricacies of building culture and adapting to change, as well as being receptive to feedback and improving our products.

We loved diving into the nitty-gritty of networking beyond friends and family, and learned some neat tricks to help us negotiate win-win deals. And, we were able to develop and hone some essential skills for navigating the cannabis industry, whether we were looking at strategy, finance, or dreams. It was a truly empowering experience.

Community, cocktails, and critical conversations

Each evening, we wrapped up with community, cocktails, and critical conversations about wellness and self-care. Everything was intentional and comprehensive; we not only enjoyed some fabulous meals, but we also took self-defense classes and had a pool party. Because who doesn’t want to end the day with a splash?

However, it was the conversations we had with fellow attendees that really gave us life. The opportunity to spend meaningful, quality time with other strong women dedicated to making the industry better. The sheer volume of great, innovative ideas solidified that elevating the industry takes a village, and we couldn’t be more proud to be arm in arm with company like this.


Check back soon for another post on our key takeaways from the event.

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