About Ritual House

We’re a cross-disciplined collective of industry veterans who bring passion and purpose to creating end-to-end brand engagements.

About Ritual House
We are Ritual House

Designing, developing, writing and strategizing among a team of Seattle-dwelling introverted extroverts.

We are creatives and branders. We are marketers and sellers. What we are not is a traditional cannabis consulting firm.  We don’t have clients, but rather partners. We are hands-on and in the trenches, navigating the rapidly changing industry and exploiting our experience and expertise gained from the more than five years we have been at the front of the cannabis industry. Our honed skills in management, operations and product services deliver immediate value to our partners by informing market entry and brand growth strategies that deliver on short and long term deliverables.

The Peeps

Meet The Squad


Pete Wright

Principal / Founder

Mary Rauzi

Principal / Creative Director

Sarah Vander Wal

VP of Marketing + Partnerships

A Peek Inside

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