Experiencing a higher state of mind


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Mediation, illumination, and expression—Zen is an accessible cannabis brand intended to inspire a higher state of mind, whatever brings you Zen.

The Niche

While considering the all-natural audience, Zen recognized a hole in the market. High-quality cannabis plants were being harvested only for their best yields, and the remainder of the plant was going unused. However, these plants were still exceptional, and Zen did not want such excellent product to go to waste. In response, Zen created an accessible brand that celebrates the same top-notch cannabis, but is sold at a lower price point.

The Brand

Formerly in the medical space, Zen sought to make recreational cannabis more familiar  through a quality, all-natural, and reasonably priced product. As the name appropriately suggests, the brand is focused on evoking a lifestyle of mindfulness, introspection, and serenity.

In order to embody these attributes, Zen’s messaging is soft and reflective. Using phrasing indicative of meditation and soul-searching, the brand entices cannabis users to explore their own higher state of mind.

To further facilitate this aura of ritual and spiritual growth, Zen’s imaging and color scheme are inspired by natural places of calm and contemplation. Brand packaging is adorned with foggy ocean scenes, sunrises, sandy beaches, and misty forests; the accompanying colors of coral, pale blues and light and dark grays were pulled directly from these images to form a cohesive aesthetic.