Daddy Gray Beard

Daddy Gray Beard: luxury cannabis for the connoisseur.


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Robust, decadent, cultured—Daddy Gray Beard is the leader of the pack in high-end products for cannabis connoisseurs. With disposable vape pens designed for individuals who seeking a higher THC content, Daddy Gray Beard created a refined, layered experience that truly reveres the cannabis lifestyle.

The Niche

Recognizing that not everyone is new to the industry, Daddy Gray Beard sought to cultivate a brand for high-powered, urban individuals who have a deep connection to cannabis culture. For this small group, cannabis is a lifestyle, those few that understand that not all cannabis is grown equally. Daddy Gray Beard is reaching a class of connoisseurs that treat quality with severity and look for greatness with a critical regard. 

The Brand

Daddy Gray Beard products are reminiscent of the speakeasies from the 1920’s, reaching out to users who’ve been around for a while, regardless of legalization. By combining a multitude of small elements, Daddy Gray Beard formed a cohesive brand that reflects the layered, complex relationship that connoisseurs have to cannabis.

To celebrate the expansive spectrum of personalities and attributes, Daddy Gray Beard designed eight distinctive animal illustrations to accompany their product. Stamped with distinction on each package, every user can find a creature that inspires—whether they are a visionary eagle, a steady bison, or a voracious tiger.

Inspired by the Art Deco movement, Daddy Gray Beard’s visual branding merges strong masculinity with old-world delicacy to create the essence of luxury. Their matte black packaging features intricate line work patterning, offset with spot varnish that mirrors the brands commitment to life’s finer things.

Coupled with a touch of brilliant foil, Daddy Gray Beard’s playful script balances the sophisticated severity of the matte black with bold, organic lines. This touch of whimsy is also expressed in Daddy Gray Beard’s messaging, using clever turns-of-phrase and subtle rhymes to perfectly combine the cheeky and the elegant. For example, the catchy battle cry “Revere the Beard,” pays tribute to the lifestyle by simultaneously highlighting the worldly, rugged, and playful aspects of cannabis culture.

The Brand Personality

Catering to the tastes of a broad audience, Daddy Gray Beard’s lifestyle photography and social media presence incorporates contrasting elements from a variety of spheres, enabling the brand to embody the complexity of cannabis culture culture. Their brand personality revolves around a brazen, steadfast, and cultured cannabis lifestyle. Using wools, tweeds, and subtle nods to rugged refinement, the brand nurtures an old-world, exclusive spirit with reverence and grace.

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