Carefully formulated, hand-crafted products to feed your body and mind.

Artisan cannabis apothecary featuring a variety of CBD-infused wellness products, including lotions, oils, bath bombs, and other body care essentials.


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Recognizing that everybody deserves pampering, Mālyn sought to create a high-end cannabis brand for anyone seeking a luxury, CBD-infused body care experience.

Mālyn is a contemporary cannabis apothecary. In popular culture, apothecaries are the stuff of fantasy; they belong to mystical realms of witches and magic, outside of the scientific scope of reality. However, apothecaries appear throughout ancient history as civilization’s first pharmacies, providing curative knowledge and herbal remedies to their local communities. Moved by this holistic healing lifestyle, Mālyn created a visionary cannabis brand intended to inspire wellness, reverie, and refinement.

In order to curate the ancestral apothecary feel, Mālyn opted for intentional nomenclature and clean, no-frills design. ‘Mālyn’ itself is an unusual, ambiguously gendered given name originating from old-world Europe, emphasizing both the personal and enchanting aspects of the brand. Each of Mālyn’s products is labeled as an ‘artisan’ cannabis product, evoking a homeopathic, hand-crafted, and high-quality feel. The typology is similarly effective; the stencil design is at the intersection of natural elegancy and industrial simplicity, a perfect juxtaposition to communicate wellness and luxury.