Noble Farms

Cannabis that doesn’t just deliver effects, it delivers an experience.

No-nonsense, all-natural, and chemical-free—Noble is farm to coffee table cannabis flower, as fresh as humanly possible.


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Noble Farms is committed to making every part of that experience enjoyable. Making sure every bud of Noble Farms cannabis attains the same standard of excellence felt in its effects within its looks, feel, smell, taste, and smoothness. This standard is maintained through the effort and care poured into every plant that is raised.

The Niche

Noble celebrates the cannabis user seeking an approachable, affordable, and unadulterated experience with flower. By cutting out the middle-man, Noble keeps prices low and builds customer relationships by selling directly to the consumer.

The Brand

The brand name ‘Noble Farms’ indicates the marriage of the rustic and the refined. Noble’s brand colors, messaging, and linear design, echo this coherence to create a grounded and accessible feel.

Noble packaging embodies transparency; their child-proof plastic bags feature a clear panel, showcasing the naked flower for an all-natural feel. Each packages is adorned with a large label, color-coded in two tones for easy readability to represent distinctive cannabis experiences. These colors are paired with both approachable messaging and linear design that connects each element of the package. For example, Noble’s ‘Fun & Energetic’ product is marketed using brand green, a color that evokes energy. Noble also chose orange, a color of creativity, as their brand color for ‘Lazy & Dreamy.’ Blue was selected as the brand color for ‘Smooth & Uplifting,’ an appropriate choice for the color of inspiration. Each of these packaging solutions displays a clear break down of the product, connecting each element of nomenclature, strain, and feel with simple, distinct lines.

Noble represents the down-to-earth cannabis user looking for a pure, no-frills experience. In order to project this vibe, their lifestyle photography features brick and varnished wood—earthy, rustic elements that are at once organic and industrial.