Feminine cannabis for those with discerning tastes.

Venna brings cannabis products woven with soft undertones of naturally extracted essence. Venna stands next to every kind of woman, bringing forth opulent flavor profiles designed to delight, inspire and uplift.


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Feminine, clean, exquisite, refined: Venna is a luxury cannabis brand for every kind of woman. Paired with a slim, coated leather case perfectly designed for discretion and functionality, Venna’s disposable vape pens are designed to fit seamlessly into any female lifestyle.

The Niche

In the midst of legalization, Venna recognized a glaring void in the cannabis industry: female-centered products. With that in mind, Venna sought to build a strikingly feminine luxury brand that catered to a new audience of women: hard working moms, high-powered professionals, party girls, and those who might feel intimidated by the industry as a whole. The goal was to create something that would be eye-catching and stylish—an item every woman would love taking out of her purse and sharing with her friends. In pursuit of this objective, Venna created a comprehensive brand narrative that seamlessly integrates aspects of the cannabis industry into natural elements of the female lifestyle.  

Venna products are much like glass of wine, enabling women to have full command of their cannabis experience in a familiar, comfortable way.

By removing the intimidation factor, women are invited to an explorative, layered relationship with cannabis–on their own terms.

This approach informed strategic decisions, right down to naming and messaging. Translated from the original Dutch, Venna means ‘butterfly,’ conveying both delicate gentility and striking boldness.

Additionally, ‘Venna’ itself is a given name, both rare and feminine, reaching out to women with a unique personal touch. Venna’s messaging reflects each of these characteristics for a holistically sophisticated, approachable, and alluring tone.

High-end products in adjacent industries were carefully considered for reference in concepting Venna’s visual identity. Overall, the search provided a powerfully striking juxtaposition; the marriage of vibrant and subdued elements imparted the spirit of accessible elegance Venna embodies. Vintage botanical illustration, cannabis chemical structures, and geometric patterns in kaleidoscopes provided additional inspiration that spoke specifically to the cannabis lifestyle itself—a complex, layered experience that feels like a natural part of everyday ritual.

Using both conceptual mimicry and delicate line work, Venna’s visual blend of botanical and geometric elements communicate the fresh flavors and feel of the product. Similarly, the color palette uses vibrant colors to match flavor profiles, as well as subdued tones to speak to every type of woman, topped with an elegant dash of foil.

As any woman knows, handbags, purses, backpacks, and back pockets often become encumbered by the small articles and grains of everyday life.

This isn’t the ideal storage environment for vape pens, which can collect tiny particles in the delicate crevasse that allow them to function properly.

As a solution, we created a sleek, coated leather case that is both functional and discrete. The case not only protects the pen, but it also differentiates it from other cylindrical items, sliding easily into almost any pocket for ultimate portability.

The Brand Personality

Venna’s new brand now mimics lifestyle, an aspect reflected in merchandise, website and social media. Moving away from traditional industry imagery, we integrated cannabis elements into Venna’s botanical themes and other natural aspects of the product. This refined approach allows women to weave their cannabis experience into their lifestyle seamlessly—on their own terms.

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