Thinc Pure

Completely pure, entirely honest, simply natural—Thinc Pure is on a mission to change the way society thinks about cannabis.


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As a thought leader in Washington’s organic, chemical free cannabis movement, Thinc Pure takes pride in extraction methods that are not only easy on the plant, but easy on the body. Their disposable pens are cut with coconut oil, and their CO2 cartridges contain pure cannabis oil: exactly the way it should be.

The Niche

Formerly in the medical space, Thinc Pure seeks to destigmatize the cannabis experience by providing a brand narrative that emphasizes simplicity over stereotypes. By embracing the plant in its purest form, Thinc Pure recognizes that cannabis is a natural aspect of many lifestyles—not just those of stoners and potheads. From the extraction process to accessible design, everything is streamlined and simple in order to welcome new users and seasoned connoisseurs alike to an approachable cannabis experience.

The Brand

Thinc Pure’s brand is a breath of fresh air; inspiration is rooted at the source, drawing on the natural elements of the cannabis plant to inform brand strategy. In order to communicate the product’s purity and accessibility, Thinc Pure’s comprehensive branding is bold, bright, and clean. The primary color scheme alludes to the basic elements of the product, presenting each as a separate, untainted experience. Moreover, the individual colors themselves represent the feel of each product. Red, for example, indicates vitality and passion—the color used for Thinc Pure’s ‘Energy’ series. Conversely, blues express introspection and tranquility, the color chosen for ‘Relax.’ Lastly, yellows inspire creativity and intensity, the color scheme of the brand’s ‘Focus’ products.

Thinc Pure’s messaging is similarly fundamental, immediately naming the feel of each individual oil: Relax, Energy, and Focus. Accompanying each product is descriptive nomenclature that connects the brand to recognizable sensations from everyday life. These short phrases like ‘chatty and talkative’ and ‘mild and chill’ break down the effects in a concise manner for an approachable feel.

Reflective iconography completes the trifecta, conveying the product’s effects using simple line drawings to associate each feel with various aspects of life; for example, passion is represented with a heart, creativity with an artist’s paint palette, and alertness with an open eye. More broadly, Thinc Pure’s iconic water droplet represents the brand’s emphasis on purity at the source, while the ripple effect that patterns each box echoes the natural way that cannabis flows through the lives of those who partake.

The Brand Personality

Thinc Pure mimics a natural, simple lifestyle through clean design, crisp elements, and open, scenic photography. Holistically, the brand’s back-to-the-basics approach rejects traditional stereotypes for an approachable feel, appropriate for moments that soar.

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